Rezku Prime Commercial

This was the largest live action production for Guest Innovations in 2015.  Every aspect of production was produced by Barber Films; from concept, script, casting, scheduling, shooting, editing, motion graphics, and publication.  The commercial was produced to stand alone as a two minute segment but also to be used for supplimental illustration in the other animations being produced that year.

Product Info:

Rezku is more than an app, it’s a fully cloud-based solution for Front of House management capable of taking 24/7 reservations. Utilizing our customizable reservation widget, you can take reservations from your website, Facebook page, or App.
Our FOH capabilities are the most technologically advanced on the market. We supply each location with a large, multi-touch screen at no additional cost. The Rezku user interface is not only beautiful, but both fun and easy to use. Table management; server assignments and rotations; and table statuses are handled quickly with a touch and drag, or by the click of a mouse.

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