Rezku Prime Restaurant Reservation System

Rezku Prime is the flasgship product of Guest Innovations.  Every aspect of this production was produced by Barber Films.

Product Info:

Rezku Prime Restaurant Reservation System

Running a busy restaurant is a daunting task. We help restaurants more efficiently run their front of house and improve the guest experience.  Rezku Prime was designed for busy restaurants. If you handle a lot of guest during a service or have a high volume time where things seem Chaotic. We can help.

It's amazing to see how much more efficiently a busy restaurant can run their front of house with Rezku: reducing wait times, increasing table turn times, decreasing staff training, decreasing labor cost, and ultimately enhancing the guest experience..
I'm going to give you a quick glimpse into Rezku Prime.

Rezku prime is both robust and flexible. Almost every aspect of our application can be customized for the way you your run your restaurant.

Customizable Floor Plans

You can have customized floor plans for any day to suit your restaurants layout and operations. We have powerful floor building tools that allow your floor plans to mimic your restaurant exactly. You can even Email your banquet guest customized floor plans designed just for their event.


Take reservations online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Here are all of your reservations. You can drag them to any table you wish or Rezku prime can suggest a table. Rezku Prime can auto assign your reservations to maximize your inventory or you can assign reservations how you see fit. Rezku Prime is flexible to your needs. Our reservation engine, allows you to maximize turn times, and reduce empty seats in your restaurant. And remember with Rezku prime there are never any cover fees so now you can make your entire inventory available for online reservations.

Wait List

Wait list works much the same way. But with our wait list we can predict when a table is going to be available and predict how long a customer is going to have wait. We also have text messaging built in at no additional cost. Our restaurant partners have noticed a decrease in walk aways and in turn times using our system.

Walk-In Guests

Ok. let's seat a walk in guest. Remember with Rezku Prime everything is quick, easy and intuitive. Touch the table where you want to seat the party. Drag your finger to the cover count and you're done. Your eyes are back up on your guest where they belong in literally a second.  Now let's say a large party of 8 walks in. You have no 8 tops available. No problem. Just drag one table to the next and now you have combined two tables. It even allows you to choose which server should serve these guests.  When that party has left, drag your finger through the line and your tables are now separated again. Easy.

With Rezku prime the goal is for everything to be quick and easy. Keeping your eyes up and attentive your guests and not down on a computer screen.


Let me show you how easy it is to assign servers a section. Select the server. Drag your finger over the section you wish to assign them to. Once again quick. Once the server is assigned they are automatically listed on the auto-server rotation. Your host knows exactly where to seat the next guest and now you don't have servers complaining about not getting equal covers at the end of service.

Rezku prime is a robust system designed to help you run your front of house and reservations more efficiently.

Rezku Prime comes with:

Front of house hardware. We provide it. We maintain it. We tech support it. No additional charge.

Rezku Back office Complete analytics on your restaurant, plus valuable marketing tools.

Rezku companion. A smaller version of rezku prime built on the ipad. Load it on as many iPads as you wish for no additional charge.

Rezku Table manager Designed for your busers and servers to clear tables more efficiently. Allowing you to increase turn times.

Wait list kiosk – allows your guest to add themselves to the wait list.

Unlimited wait list texting. Text you customers when their table is ready. This improves customer satisfactions and prevents people from having to congregate around your entrance.

Plus use Rezku prime on as many other system as you wish. See your restaurant operations from home or on vacation. From anywhere. All at no additional charge.

Rezku prime is a flat 325 per month. No cover fees.

As labor cost increase along with customer expectations it is important then ever that your front of house staff have the tools they need to be effective to provide the ultimate guest experience.

To see get an in-depth demonstration of Rezku. Please call one of our sales consultants at 844-697-3958

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