RELLIK Sizzle Reel

It was great being part of the Rellik team. I had the role of Director of Photograph, Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Editor, Color Corrector, Sound Mixer, and more!  A HUGE thank you to everyone involved!

RELLIK is an original episodic crime-thriller series described as “Jekyll and Hyde” meets “Dexter.” The pilot episode was directed by Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager, iCarly) and produced under SAG new media guidelines. The production has completed filming of the pilot episode and is ready to move forward with active on-going production of additional episodes.

Producers include:
Ben Barber
Toni Staniewicz (Story of Eva, Wives With Knives)
Christopher Michael Holley (NBC’s State of Affairs, Smokin Aces 1&2)
Kirk Uhler (Noted regional business leader).